Call Recording & Call Reporting Solutions

Call recording & Call Reporting solutions are useful telephone system features that allow you to record all inbound and outbound calls that pass through your business and can provide you with detailed statistics on historical call data that can prove invaluable for compliance, customer service or audit purposes.

Running a business in today’s market can be tough and that’s why it’s so important for business owners and managers alike to be able to establish what performance standards currently exist and have a tool to measure improvement against objectives. Gone are the days of stuffy meeting rooms where you stood at the front of the office with a flip chart to feedback the week’s progress, whilst making sure to cough occasionally to wake up the people that have fallen asleep at the back of the room.

Companies nowadays are opting for a much more professional and proactive approach to monitor staff performance.  By analysing your past and current recordings, you can compare individual staff progress to your company’s standards and use the reported data to accurately demonstrate to your staff what is expected and what needs to be improved. In doing so it can prove to be a catalyst for employees to take the initiative and ensure quality of service is delivered every time.

Telephone, internet and email are the most highly used forms of communications in business and so it makes sense to have an application to better understand just how these tools are being used and how if any, they can be improved. Think about it, we track history on every email and letter we share with our valuable contacts so why not extend this to telephone calls?

By implementing affordable call recording software and call reporting applications as part of your new or existing telephone system, you can quickly improve your telephone sales performance and generate an increase in the sales for your business significantly.

With call recording software and call reporting applications you can record every telephone call your business makes and receives with 100% reliability and with personalised settings that are quick and easy to set up, it gives you the flexibility you require to improve the productivity of your business whilst at the same time delivering the best possible service to your customers.

Call Recording Compliance

All businesses have the potential to face threatening lawsuits so maintaining regulatory compliance is critical for your business. Call recording and call reporting can be used as evidence when disputes arise and ensure that your employees are following compliant procedures.

If your organisation requires your employees to deal in sensitive data from a customer, in particular taking credit or debit card details, then you have a duty to be PCI compliant to ensure they are taking every step possible to protect customers and their data from fraudulent use and identity theft.

Tech Advance’s call recording software solutions have been tailored to meet the specific requirements of the Payment Card Industry. They include features that allow agents to tell the call recording system not to record the part of the call where the customer speaks the CV2 number on their card. The agent can enter the ‘stop recording’ command during the call to pause the recording and then the ‘start recording’ command to resume the call after the number has been given.

Aside from regulatory requirements for particular industries, a call recorder can be a vital tool for resolving disputes for any business conducting transactions over the phone. By recording all telephone orders or discussions, you can quickly confirm back to a customer what was agreed, enabling any disparities to be quickly resolved, saving time, money, and helping to maintain great working relationships for the future.

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