Business Telephone Systems

How do I choose the right telephone system for my business?

When it comes to choosing a phone system for your business, it’s important you make the right decision. But what is the right decision? With so many different types of business telephone systems to choose from, finding the perfect fit can sometimes seem impossible. But don’t worry, we can help you understand exactly which option would work best for your business so you can choose the perfect solution.

As with all business plans you need to give yourself as much information as possible. Below you’ll find a list of some of the more FAQ to help you decide which phone system is the right one for you. Or if you prefer, you can fill in the quote form on the right of the page and we’ll call you back and talk through all the options with you. It really is that simple.

when is the best time to consider buying new business telephone systems?

The best time to be thinking about buying or upgrading your telephone system is if you are planning to move office or are setting up a new one. Sometimes it can be that you need to add more external lines or phones for your business due to an expansion in your company and your current system is getting a bit dated.



what features do i need in a new business telephone system?

This will all depend on what you want from your telephone system. The best place to start is understanding how you want to promote your business to incoming callers and the way in which you would like your phone system to handle their incoming telephone calls. Other things to consider would be how you integrate your mobile workforce or CRM systems into the phone system and what level of administrative control you want along with new features such as telephone call recording etc.

can we rent new business telephone systems instead of having to buy one?

Yes, you can. A telephone system lease spreads the cost of the equipment out over several months. We offer lease rental plans with monthly costs as opposed to upfront costs and you can even own the system at the end of the rental period if you don’t want to upgrade again at that point.

how long will it take to have a new telephone system supplied and fitted?

This depends on what you have in place right now however a good guide line is approximately 4 – 6 weeks. Please note however if you are looking to install your new system into a new build premises it may be worthwhile stating the process much sooner.

what's new with business telephone systems?

The technology of telephony is always changing and right now there is a big shift taking place as traditional analogue and ISDN services are being phased out, making way for new IP Telephony such as VoIP (Voice Over Internet). Today, most people opt for a VoIP phone system. They tend to be the most cost-effective and flexible option – which is ideal for small businesses.

what's the difference between traditional on site and hosted VoIP phone systems?

Traditional or premise-based PBX phone systems are solutions were the phone system server is installed at your business premises. Nowadays you would always consider VoIP for on premise systems using SIP lines (Internet based telephone lines) as opposed the more traditional options of ISDN and analogue lines. Another option would be to investigate a personal cloud based phone system, in this scenario you would look to deploy a phone system as an application on your own servers possibly using VM Ware or Hyper V.

VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) really just means phone systems that work via the internet, rather than relying on wires. With a cloud based hosted VoIP telephone system, we use the internet to connect all your extensions to each other and the public phone network. With a hosted VoIP phone system you would still buy the telephones, setup and training, but instead of purchasing the telephone system processor, you simply pay a monthly rental for ports on the platform.        

can my new phone system work better with my mobile phone?

Yes, all new business phone systems have added functionality to make it easier for you to receive office calls and voice mail messages to your mobile.

should we upgrade to a new cloud based phone system on site?

This depends on the size of your current system, the location of your business, the type of on-site cabling you have, the resilience and flexibility you require, we can help you decide once we know a little more about your requirements.

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    Effective business telephone systems are a vital investment that every company must consider. They provide a direct line to customers, suppliers and key business contacts enabling you to respond to your clients in the “right” way.  Tech Advance are a provider of business telephone systems offering robust, flexible and complete communications solutions that enhance the efficiency and performance of your business. We offer a wide range of office telephone systems and applications from traditional office based entry-level telephone systems to more advanced technological products including hybrid, digital/IP and pure IP telephone systems from industry leading manufacturers.

    The ISDN switch off countdown...








    Partnering with Avaya

    Avaya is a global leader in business communications systems. They offer unified communications, data solutions, contact centres and related services to businesses and organisations around the world. Companies of all sizes depend on Avaya for state-of-the-art communications that improve efficiency, customer service and competitiveness. More than 300,000 businesses worldwide, including more than 90 percent of the FORTUNE 500 ®, use Avaya solutions to turn what used to be “just a utility” into a networked, unified system that fosters growth.

    Tech Advance are a fully authorized Avaya business partner supporting the latest and legacy IP Office business phone systems. Our team include Avaya trained engineer accredited to the highest levels, providing installations, remote diagnostics and field-based phone system support services.

    Our advisors are more than happy to review your requirements, survey your site and then design and quote for the most appropriate Avaya solution for your organisation. Please contact us here and request one of our Avaya IP Office account managers to discuss the products & solutions you could consider from Avaya.

    Partnering with Unify

    Authorized OpenScape Business

    Unify is a leading global communications software and services company formerly known in the UK as Siemens.

    By synchronising technologies, creating an engaging user experience and weaving communications seamlessly into the way businesses operate, Unify empowers an increasingly mobile workforce to work better together. The result is a transformation of how the enterprise communicates and collaborates that amplifies collective efforts, energises the business and drives better performance.

    Unify provide excellent upgrade opportunities for end users in the UK using legacy Siemens HiCom and Siemens HiPath systems to the current Openscape range of systems with big discounts for customer upgrading and a possibility to retain some of your existing hardware and handsets. OpenScape Business is an all-in-one solution for small and medium-sized enterprises and offers a broad range of functionality and integration with VoIP and CRM applications.


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    Here at Tech Advance we are always striving for new ways to keep businesses informed about the great products and services that we offer.  We want all our clients and potential customers to be ahead of the game when it comes to their business, we want you to feel excited as we do when thinking about how telecoms in your business can contribute towards building a better future for your company.

    That’s why we decided to add another member to our fantastic team.  Someone who is as passionate as we are about helping businesses just like  yours and can tell you all about the great work that Tech Advance do…


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