Business Phone Lines & Calls

Am I getting the best deal for my business phone lines & calls?

If you haven’t reviewed your business phone lines and calls package for a while now, then you could be throwing away money that can be put to good use in your business rather than fattening the bank balance of your providers.

We understands the need to deliver outstanding service which is why we provide all our customers with a free review of your current line provision. This way we can ensure that you have the type and quantity of business phone lines and services that are most suited to your business needs. We carry out a number of cost comparison reports for new customers, analysing your recent business telephone bills and evaluating your current operating costs to work out exactly how we can save you money. We save our customers on average 25.6% on business phone lines rental and call costs just by simply switching providers.

Unnecessary spending is a common occurrence for many businesses, which is why we’ve put together a list of FAQs to make sure you’re getting the best deal, at the right price for your business. If you prefer, you can fill in the quote form on the right of the page and one of the team will call you back to discuss any possible savings you could be making on your business phone lines.

what business phone lines and call packages are available?

We provide a full range of business phone lines and calls packages. From traditional telephone calls and line rental tariffs to VoIP phone lines using the internet. Many businesses are now turning from a traditional land-line phone system to a hosted VoIP solution for their business, as it increases business communication efficiency, is feature rich, flexible and cost effective.  VoIP phone systems can offer businesses many benefits over a regular phone service. Monthly costs can be reduced significantly and they allow calls to be placed from any location with a computer and an internet connection.

what are voip and sip phone lines?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP works by converting your voice into digital data and sending it through your internet connection. So instead of your voice passing through traditional business phone lines, it passes through your router instead. To take full advantage of VoIP’s capabilities, businesses will deploy SIP trunks.

SIP Trunks (Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking) are the physical connections that provide voice service to your phone system. They are a powerful, scalable and highly flexible form of telephony that connect your premises directly to the Public Telephone Network (PSTN) via IP/broadband.  SIP Trunks provide a flexible and low-cost alternative to ISDN for inbound and outbound voice calls. One of the most significant advantages of SIP trunking is its ability to combine data, voice and video in a single line, eliminating the need for separate lines of physical media. The result is reduced overall cost and enhanced reliability for these services.

SIP trunking and VoIP technology share many similar parallels but whereas VoIP carries voice, SIP can carry all forms of media.

will i save money if i switch to voip?

Reducing costs is one of the main reasons that businesses choose to switch to VoIP and cloud type services. The cost savings involved with office VoIP phone systems are significant. With minimal hardware to buy upfront, no maintenance costs and monthly call charges all inclusive, it doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a 500-person enterprise spread across many offices, VoIP phone systems are extremely flexible and customisable to meet the needs of your business.  Our business phone lines rental plans include free calls to UK landlines and mobiles, with the latest phones offering many sophisticated features at no extra charge, making VoIP even more attractive.

what type of billing is available?

All our bills are generated electronically and we have an On-line Billing Portal enabling you to produce reports and view usage and past bills for your business phone lines. This gives you more control and visibility with centralised invoice and usage information, providing you with an accurate inventory of all your telecoms services and expenses through one simple login.

You can keep track of costing, manage budgets and gain valuable business knowledge by adding real meaning to your data, allowing you to make informed decisions and be more cost-effective.

Features Include:

  • View all your previous bills
  • View and export all itemised calls
  • Run reports using the portal (Provides you with information of the activity for the month helping you spot unusual trends or exceptional usage)
  • Create usage alerts on spend amount to protect you from fraudulent usage (You will be informed when unusual call costs start enabling you to stop them before it builds up too high)

Free access to the portal is available at the bottom of our Contact Us page on our website, with one simple click through.

are calls which are chargeable at cheap rates?

By switching your line rental to Tech Advance, you can enjoy lower bills along with the convenience of getting your line rental and call charges on a single monthly bill. All our rates are very competitive to all chargeable call destinations including International and all calls are billed by the second with no rounding up and no minimum call charge of call set up charges like with some other providers. We have no complicated call plans, ensuring you know exactly what you are paying for all of the time on your business phone lines.

how long does it take to get new business phone lines fitted?

This will depend on the property, the type of business phone lines and the local BT Openreach engineering lead times. We advise that you allow up to 6 weeks to provide adequate time for overcoming any problems that may occur, however, we can sometimes have new business phone lines fitted in less than 5 working days.

what is happening with ISDN lines? are they out of date?

Earlier this year BT announced their intention to switch off the ISDN telephone networks by 2025. This means that customers will need to migrate over to a single IP core network in the next eight years. This will mean for many customers a whole new phone system will be needed in order to accommodate the switch.

Whilst the uptake for VoIP telephone lines is increasing by the day, with more and more customers migrating their business phone lines and calls onto the internet using SIP instead of ISDN, this announcement from BT to withdraw ISDN giving a specific date will accelerate the migration to VoIP. For more details about BT’s plans and to look at what options are available for your business, read our blog BT confirm ISDN lines to be terminated by 2025.

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