Server Room

Whether or not your business has moved everything to the cloud, you will no doubt still have a need for a server room to house your businesses computer network servers, routers and telephone equipment etc.

Your server room is the beating heart of your businesses infrastructure. You rely on your IT and telecoms technology for the essential information, communication and the day to day running of your organisation. Which is why it’s crucial that you have adequate power available and racking space to house your systems effectively as any risk of failure is a considerable threat to business continuity.

Your cabling system routes the connections for your PC’s, telephones and network printers etc. back to this essential location in your business where your own systems connect up, and also where they connect with the outside world.

There are several key components to consider when setting up or improving your server room in order to ensure you are protecting your business safely and we are pleased to highlight some of these key considerations for you.

By implementing an Uninterruptable Power Supply for vital systems such as your telephone system, it will provide your business with immediate protection from input power interruptions and short-term power in the event of a power failure and can keep you running for short periods of time when the lights go out.

Fire is a potential threat to any server room or data centre, the results of which can be catastrophic on the future of your business. An Inert Gas Fire Suppression System provides the ultimate protection for your server room and equipment as it will automatically extinguish a fire without the need for human intervention and works to preserve data and hardware where possible.

However, it is not just fire you need to protect your business from. If the temperature of your server room gets too high, it will cause your equipment to overheat which can cause damage to the hardware causing it to shut down and bringing your entire network to a crippling halt. In order to avoid this you need to have some form of cooling system in your server room to ensure the room does not overheat.

Fans do not provide the required degree of reliability as they cannot successfully cool all areas of the server room to the correct temperature required and cannot cope with long term operations. Our air conditioning units are designed specifically so that they provide the correct level of cooling for your server room, ensuring your computers and servers run at the correct temperature at all times.

Tech Advance offer server room solutions regarding refurbishment, relocation and support and can provide you with UPS systems, Air Con units and Inert Gas Fire Suppression systems that are manufactured by some of the world’s leading suppliers. We will even come to your site and assess your server environment free of charge and build this into an overall project as another service we could handle.

It can be easy to forget the importance of the server room while it is working away in the background of your business. However, it is vital to realise that server rooms are integral to your organisation and careful planning is needed to ensure your business infrastructure is well protected under a carefully controlled environment. We can help your business to scale up your IT infrastructure to help cope with any future expansion and prepare for the current and future demands of your users, employees, customers and suppliers.

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