Mobile Broadband

With business nowadays requiring you to be out and about securing deals instead of spending so much time in the office, business mobile broadband services and connections have become an essential tool to stay connected even when you’re on the move.

Mobile broadband enables you to send, receive and download information using the web in the same way as home broadband, except through a mobile network. This means that unlike the broadband you have in your home or office, your Internet connection goes with you wherever you go and you can carry on working as if you were still sitting at your desk.

Whether you’re in the car, on a train or about to board the plane to some exotic location, with mobile broadband you have access to your own secure Wi-Fi and the Internet and can stay connected at all times from any device such as I pads, android tablets or if you have a data SIM you can even use a laptop PC.

By simply connecting your laptop, phone or tablet to the dongles, or mobile Wi-Fi units with our SIM only internet plan, you can connect to the internet using the mobile network and create your own secure Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you need it without having to rely on anyone else.

These kind of devices are fantastic tools if you ever have to move into temporary site offices or mobile offices due to building work or office relocations as they give you the ability to work anywhere that you have a mobile signal. You can even share these connections as you can connect to up to 10 devices all at the same time and with packages available from 2GB upwards, you’ll never run out of data when you’re dashing about town.

Everything you need to know about…

Wireless mobile broadband (MiFi)
Mobile Wi-Fi, also known as Mi-Fi, is a pocket-sized wireless device that allows you to create your own secure Wi-Fi hotspot and can enable multiple users to share a single mobile broadband connection for Internet on the go.

USB Dongle
A data dongle is a small device that connects your laptop or desktop PC to the internet and allows you to access the internet on the go with the only requirement being a USB port. These devices give you much flexibility than fixed-line connections and can be powered off the device you are using so you never have to worry about charging them up.

SIM Cards
Data SIM cards enable you to access the Internet whenever you’re on the move. All you need is a 3G ready tablet, iPad or other device and simply pop in your SIM on a tariff that suits you best and it gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to carry on with business wherever that might be. This is ideal for a growing business needing to add or remove users on a monthly basis and as we’ve teamed up with the best network providers in the country, your guaranteed high quality fast mobile broadband every time you connect.

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