Simplicate is an online platform for business processes. You can manage multiple operations, improve customer relationships with quick access to data, and track working hours and budgets.

Simplicate provides insight into customers, relations and leads. Transform opportunities into new projects through your sales funnel.

This integration software is brilliant and simplistic and makes your life easier. Simplicate encompasses the whole cycle from customer acquisition to billing. With CRM, Sales, Projects, Time-tracking, Billing and HR. All in one easy-to-use interface.

Integrate Simplicate with your Cloud Phone System

If you are using Simplicate, wouldn’t it be useful if your desk phone worked along with it and was also supported in the cloud?

We are using and supplying a managed Cloud VoIP telephone system which can provide this functionality now off the shelf with no need for any development or expensive deployment costs. We can provide a seamless telephony integration with Simplicate for just £1.50 for the software required per month/ per user, with our Tech Horizon VoIP phones on your desk.

You can remove the risk of costly errors and significantly improve the visibility of in your business as you identify opportunities and streamline sales, billing and office activities.

By integrating Simplicate with your Cloud Phone, you have added functions that will benefit your business. For example., You can increase the productivity in your business with the Click to Call function and increase sales by up to 80%.

 For businesses who make a lot of outbound calls, over time this can save you many hours not having to touch dial every number you want to call.

Connecting your Simplicate CRM Online with your phone means:
  • Screen pop-ups providing better customer service as you will be ready with customer details and information before you take the call.
  • Presence indications in Simplicate to other users confirming if you are on your phone or in a meeting etc.
  • Smooth and efficient handling of all your calls allowing you to work more efficiently.
  • The ability for CRM Simplicate to record all your telephone call history within the activity history so you know exactly when you last spoke.
  • Click-to-Call feature for outbound calls allowing you to increase your sales by up to 80%.

If you would like more information about this fantastic application, then please contact us on 0800 505 3350 or visit our Cloud Phone packages page where you can find out all about our products and prices and see which one would work best for your business.