The best time to be thinking about buying or upgrading to a new phone system  is if you are planning to move office or are setting up a new one. Sometimes it can be that you need to add more external lines or phones for your business due to an expansion in your company and your current system is getting a bit dated.

There are many reasons besides the ones above which could indicate its maybe time to make the switch and upgrade to a new system – for instance:

  • Your moving your business to the “Cloud”.
  • You are looking for a more cost-effective solution.
  • You need increased voice capacity
  • You’d like to have disaster recovery on your phone system.
  • Your current system has become unreliable.

Unfortunately, your current phone system can’t tell you when it’s time to upgrade. The same goes for if you’re just setting up a new office and have no experience of phone systems. Talking to a provider can better help you understand what it is your’e looking for from your new phone system. You can then decide which one will do the best job for your company.

Choose your new Phone System wisely

Your business phone system is an important asset in your company. It’s not just a tool for connecting calls; it’s there to help you build and maintain relationships with your customers and help improve productivity. Your phone system could make or break your business so it’s crucial that you get it right first time.

We hope the above information is useful to you. To find out more about business telephone systems and the types available, contact us today on 0800 505 3350. Alternatively, you can visit our Telephones product page for more information and where you be able to click through to discover all about the different technologies that are available and decide which telephone systems is the right one for your business.