Traditional or premise-based PBX phone systems are solutions were the phone system server is installed at your business premises. Nowadays you would always consider VoIP for on premise systems using SIP lines (Internet based telephone lines) as opposed the more traditional options of ISDN and analogue. In fact, BT released a statement in 2015 that it would stop taking new ISDN orders in 2020. This is with a view to ceasing all lines by 2025, making VoIP the technology of choice.

VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) just means phone systems that work via the internet, rather than relying on wires. With Cloud based hosted VoIP telephone systems, we use the internet to connect all your extensions to each other and the public phone network. With a hosted VoIP phone system, you would still buy the telephones, setup and training, but instead of purchasing the telephone system processor, you simply pay a monthly rental for ports on the platform.

If you are still relying on a traditional PBX in your organisation, it could be time to consider moving to a hosted solution to realise all the benefits that cloud-based telephony has to offer.

Benefits of a Hosted VoIP phone systems:

Cost savings due to no line rental and cheaper calls.

Easy set up – Just plug your VoIP phones into the Internet and you are up and running straight away.

You can log into a VoIP network from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Integrate IT with your email clients and CRM.

Add and remove lines easily giving you infinite flexibility.

Auto attendant – Allows callers to interact with a menu to choose an appropriate extension. Your business will suddenly seem more professional and impressive. It’s like having an electronic receptionist!

Keep the same phone number – We can port your number to your VoIP services.  This allows you to get your calls routed to anywhere you have an Internet connection.

For more information about Hosted VoIP Phone Systems, please give us a call on 0800 50 533 53. Alternatively, you can download our telephone systems buyers guide as useful reference material or even run a quick quote to obtain a budget cost for a new telephone system in less than 60 seconds by visiting our Quick Quote page.

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