Cloud Telephony has many names, like VoIP, SIP Trunking and Hosted Voice. Whatever its name, a switch to a Cloud Telephone System gives businesses the tools to advance into the future.


No matter how many of your employees choose to work from home, from their mobile device, from the office, via hot-desking- everyone should be able to connect to your hosted business communications solution easily and flexibly, via the internet. Workers can access all the tools that office-based employees have access to, such as IM, Voicemail, Email, Video Conferencing and much more. Your mobile workforce can adapt to new business scenarios quickly and without interference to their working day. Cloud PBX has undoubtedly made flexible working what it is today.


Hosted solutions are designed for businesses of any size. Cloud solutions are normally only charged on a per-user-per-month basis, which means you only pay for what you need. When you switch to a Cloud Telephone System it’s completely modular. You can start off small and as your business grows you simply add more phones to your system. In most cases, it really is as simple as buying the phones and just plugging them into the internet.


With a fully resilient infrastructure in place across two data centres and multiple carriers for voice breakout, reliability is a given. Operating with a high service level agreement, the system is constantly monitored and maintained by a highly technical team on a 24/7 basis.

Security with the Cloud

Security is handled by the provider who you pay a monthly service fee to host the equipment for you. This means the maintenance and security responsibilities are put into the hands of trained, dedicated professionals. They specialise in areas that your IT department might not.  As a provider of cloud telephone systems, we are dedicated to running a secure service, so you don’t have to.

Fraud checks against unusual activity are running all the time, so if anything, suspicious appears to be happening the system will automatically lock down, suspend services and issue an automated notification.

ISDN switch off

One of the main reasons why businesses make the switch to a Cloud Telephone System is through necessity. In 2020 BT will stop supporting ISDN, and by 2025 these lines will be switched off completely. The switch-off is prompting a marked adoption of cloud hosted telephony solutions; just as cloud computing has changed the world of data, it is now doing the same with voice.

Integrate all your Software Applications with your Cloud Telephone System

Our cloud telephone systems are built on industry standards so you can take advantage of pre-existing integrations to such applications as Outlook,, and many more. Your employees will never miss a call as you can integrate your business mobiles with your fixed lines and your callers will only need to dial one number to reach your desk phone and mobile phone simultaneously, with a shared voicemail box for both.

For more information and free expert advice about Cloud Telephone systems, please call 0800 50 533 50. Alternatively, you can visit our Cloud Phone Systems page for more information or even run a Quick Quote to determine the cost of a new system.

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