Due to its increasing reliability and accessibility, in recent years, IP telephone technology has become a popular choice for many businesses, allowing them to cut down on their communication costs whilst enjoying a rich communication experience. VoIP and SIP Lines provide the foundations for IP technology. Both technologies provide ample benefits and opportunities for the user to save money whilst increasing their productivity. Each protocol has pros and cons, and they are often used together.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP works by converting your voice into digital data and sending it through your internet connection. So instead of your voice passing through traditional business phone lines, it passes through your router instead. To take full advantage of VoIP’s capabilities, businesses will deploy SIP trunks.

SIP Trunks (Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking) are the physical connections that provide voice service to your phone system. They are a powerful, scalable and highly flexible form of telephony that connect your premises directly to the Public Telephone Network (PSTN) via IP/broadband.  SIP Trunks provide a flexible and low-cost alternative to ISDN for inbound and outbound voice calls. One of the most significant advantages of SIP trunking is its ability to combine data, voice and video in a single line, eliminating the need for separate lines of physical media. The result is reduced overall cost and enhanced reliability for these services.

In simple terms, VoIP means making or receiving phone calls over the internet or internal networks. SIP, on the other hand, is an application layer protocol. This is used to establish, modify and terminate multimedia sessions such as VoIP calls. VoIP and SIP Lines share many similar parallels but whereas VoIP carries voice, SIP can carry all forms of media.

Upgrading to VoIP and SIP Lines can be one of the smartest decisions you can make for your business today.

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