There are now countless applications and programs using cloud technology. Everything from graphic design software to accounting systems are now cloud based, and accessible by employees anywhere. When you update your Facebook status, you’re using cloud technology. The same goes for checking your bank account or sending emails on the move. In short, cloud is fast becoming the new normal.

About 85% of businesses globally have shifted to some kind of cloud service. Business analysts predict that the worldwide market for Cloud services could reach a value of more than £300bn by 2020. So…. what you really need to be asking yourself is …why haven’t you already made the move to the cloud?

Moving to the Cloud 

cloud-based phone system offers parallel business-class features for every user such as call forwarding, unified messaging (transcribe voicemail & sent to email inbox), call hold, contact list synchronised with office phone system, follow me, three-way conference, auto attendant and many more.

The benefits of Cloud technology are clear. Improved flexibility, scalability, Increased collaboration, automatic software updates, disaster recovery, remote working and cost savings.

Whether you’re managing phone services for a small, medium or large business, Tech Advance will seamlessly migrate your old, inefficient phone service and support your new, highly responsive, Cloud solution. Cloud Phone systems provide all the powerful UC features at a very affordable cost.

If you are considering your options and want some advice on the type of telephone system best suited for you. Please contact us on 0800 505 3350.  All we need is 10 minutes of your time to offer you some free advice and an idea on costs for the different options available. Alternatively, you can visit our Cloud System packages page for information about all of our Cloud products and find out how they can help to improve your business.

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