Mortgage intermediary brand, ‘Mortgage Advice Bureau’(MAB), are renowned nationally for the quality of its advice and service they provide. With over £14 billion of loans annually, they were the first – and are currently the only – mortgage intermediary to have floated on the London Stock Exchange. Their team in the Macclesfield area has twenty employees, servicing 2,200 clients and needs to ensure that they use the latest technology to deliver outstanding client satisfaction.


When their old Avaya phone system was no longer meeting the needs of the award-winning business, they decided it was time to bring in the experts to help them make a decision about their current telephone needs. Existing supplier, Tech Advance undertook a review of their current set up which they had supplied and supported many years before.

Tech Advance found there was a need to upgrade the current Avaya system which involved cost so agreed to consider all options for them including a refresh of the system, The current Avaya system was using ISDN2 lines which are due to phased out and had reasonably high levels of outbound telephone call use.

Tech Advance revealed that it would cost less to operate with a new, state of the art Cloud System using VoIP, with free calls to UK mobiles and landlines, than to continue with the current system.

It was a no brainer for MAB Macclesfield as new features and benefits, including the below, meant it would be at a lower cost than continuing with the current set up.


  • Inclusive call reporting application to allow management reporting on call traffic.
  • New and improved phones.
  • Could make use of the existing leased line for the VoIP as this was a great quality internet connection already in place.
  • Simplified moves and shifts of staff around the office as the new VoIP phones are much easier to re patch to new desk positions.
  • Mobile phone application for the desk phone.
  • Click to dial from screen application.

Comments from Jill Dooney, Operations Manager MAB Macclesfield –  “We have worked with Tech Advance as our preferred telecoms supplier for many years and were surprised to learn it was possible to overhaul our existing phone system onto something newer with more functionality without any additional cost. In fact, we shocked to learn that we would actually be saving money! The new system was deployed with minimal disruption and has been well received by all the team here.

We would gladly recommend Tech Advance to anyone looking for a good quality telecoms supplier, they are capable and keen to assist us to get the best from our systems and keep costs to a minimum.”

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