More and more businesses are choosing Business SIM only deals with mobile providers once their existing contracts have expired.  The reasons for this are plenty but perhaps the most important one is that they simply represent the best value phone plans available today on the market.

Business SIM Only deals are exactly that… A pay monthly phone contract which just comes with a SIM card. You get minutes, texts and data, just like a regular Pay monthly plan. The one major difference – you can use the phone you’ve already got. This means you’ll pay less than a similar Pay monthly plan.

You can choose from 30-day plans, 12-month plans, or even 24-month plans for better value. The length of your contract is completely up to you. You don’t have to be tied down if you don’t want to be. With a SIM only contract you can make a commitment for as little as one month. If you want to change to another deal you would only need to give a months’ notice on your contract.  You then would be able to finish your SIM only contract with no penalties.

Flexibility in business is a must and that’s why Business SIM only deals are really taking off.  With all the new phone technology entering the market every year, businesses no longer have to wait around to upgrade their phone to one that would suit their business needs more effectively. By having a short 30 day contract you can be constantly on the lookout for the best deal. Once you find the right deal, your contract will continue to roll over to the next month for as long as you want it to.

If you are considering SIM only contract for your business but are unsure about who is the best provider to go with, then just give us a call and we can prompt and quote you 3 months before your renewal date is up and find the best deal to suit you.

For more information please give us a call on 0800 50 533 53. Alternatively you can visit  our Business Mobiles pages for more information.