More and more businesses are adopting SIP Trunking as a viable solution for their communications as they now realise the benefits of this form of connectivity.

SIP Trunks are a powerful, scalable and highly flexible form of telephony that connect your premises directly to the Public Telephone Network (PSTN) via IP/broadband. It is often sold as a replacement to ISDN and with the government’s recent announcement to withdraw ISDN services in 2025, connections to ISDN are plummeting as are calls as more users switch to SIP or mobile phones.

One of the most significant advantages of SIP trunking is its ability to combine data, voice and video in a single line, eliminating the need for separate lines of physical media. The result is reduced overall cost and enhanced reliability for these services.

Deploying SIP trunking can be a big step towards simplifying your company’s telecommunications and gets you prepared for future communications enhancements.

The benefits of SIP Trunking for your business

Future­proofing – Using the internet to route incoming and outgoing calls, significantly reduces the maintenance and administration time spent on your telecoms, allowing you to focus on more important areas of your business.

Flexibility – Switching to an IP telephony solution like SIP trunking means that you can make and implement administrative changes more easily and quickly, including call routing plans for disaster recovery or holiday periods. If you need more call handling capacity, your provider can add additional SIP trunks to your package almost immediately.

Costsavings – To get the most from a SIP-based telecoms system, your business will definitely need to invest. This could be in the form of a brand-new IP-enabled PBX system for handling calls, or remedial work to prepare your existing system for the use of SIP. However, the investment will soon pay for itself thanks to:

  • Free calls to local geographic numbers within the UK
  • Reduced line rental costs
  • Reduced maintenance and support costs
  • Future-proof technology – will not have to be replaced when ISDN is inevitably retired

ISDN is a dying technology, so your business will need to make the transition to IP-based telephony at some point in the near future anyway. Migrating over to SIP Trunking is one of the smartest technology moves your business can make and as long as you have done your research and have the system setup and programmed by an expert, then you can simply sit back and enjoy the cost savings in your business.

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