Cloud telephone systems are also known as managed telephone systems or hosted telephone systems. This basically means that the telephone system processor is in a secure hosted environment offsite as opposed to being in your data cabinets or fixed to the wall onsite in your business.

8 Simple Reasons to put your business in the Cloud

1. Cost – you get state-of-the-art technology at a fraction of the cost.
2. No Maintenance Charges – No hardware means no ongoing maintenance and costly IT support. This frees up your IT team to get on with the things in your business that really matter.
3. No Physical Space Needed – As everything is managed in the Cloud you don’t need any PBX cabinets taking up space in your office.
4. Presence – Easily set up and manage virtual offices anywhere in the world.
5. Faster Install – Due top the ease of setting up a Cloud Phone System with no physical PBX hardware to install, set up can be done quickly and easily.
6. Scalable – Increasing or reducing the number of telephones you have is very simple with a cloud-based telephone system. All you need to do is request an additional port and a VoIP telephone that you can plug into the Internet. With a traditional telephone system this would require an engineer to attend your site and possibly upgrade your phone system and install/program a new user locally.
7. Disaster recovery – In the event of a disaster affecting your normal place of work, it is vital that you can still communicate. With a cloud telephone system, you can divert all your calls to ring straight to your mobile or any other landline.
8. Reduced carbon footprint – Cloud telephone systems can dramatically reduce energy costs and carbon emissions making it a much better option for the environment.

A Cloud Telephone System from Tech Advance will provide you with everything you need to run an efficient business. Monthly costs can be reduced significantly, and they allow calls to be placed from any location with a computer and an Internet connection. The latest phones also offer many sophisticated features at no extra charge, making Cloud VoIP even more attractive. All features can be accessed and updated by the central user interface.

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