Tom Lucas Partnership (TLP) are an established firm of Chartered Quantity Surveyors providing complete financial planning and control within the construction industry.

When the busy Preston firm was coming to the end of their current lease rental on their existing on-site telephone system using older style ISDN2 lines, they wanted to consider upgrading to a newer VoIP type business  phone system. (TLP) were keen to exploit new business telephone technology in order to increase its core competitive advantage. They wanted to streamline operations that were more suited to the current and future needs of the business to drive down costs and increase efficiency.

The key needs were high quality office phones and suitable broadband internet connection to support both the phones and the office Internet access with the most cost-effective option.

They were also keen to implement the use of mobile phone integration with the new business phone system. This would prove useful when working away from the office, using a VoIP app to make and receive calls. Calls can be transferred back to other extensions, allowing for a seamless connection between employees in different locations.

Having spoken with their IT provider they received a recommendation to speak with us at Tech Advance for advice on the best system for them moving forwards.

The Solution

We installed a new VoIP & Data ready Internet connection and cloud phone system with new VoIP office phones and mobile phone applications. The new system meant that (TLP) were able to retain their existing company published phone numbers with a smooth migration over to the new phone system from the old one with no disruption in service.

Stephen Cottam Director of TLP commented on the project:

We found the process of change went very smoothly onto the new systems. The new technology was ideal to help us improve the flexibility of being able to work away from the office whilst also improving the office system functionality and reducing costs. We were really pleased with how efficient and professional Tech Advance were from the offset and would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to upgrade their business phone system in the future.

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