Your mobile broadband is about to get even better, 5x faster in fact!

After nearly a decade in the making, it’s finally here. 5G is the next evolution – fifth generation – in mobile networks. 5G is due to roll out this summer, with mobile giants Vodafone giving a live date as early as the 3rd July, with many of the other mobile network providers following suit throughout 2019. So, what does this mean for small business’ in the UK?

5G is vital for small business productivity, profitability and success.

With higher capacity than the existing 4G network, 5G is expected to increase the data rates beyond 1gb per second. It will provide higher broadband density, with estimated peak download rate of data 20/Gbits and upload rate will be of 10G/bits.
Due to this incredibly fast 5G connection, businesses will be able to stream high-resolution video, audio and images with practically no latency. This will generate huge opportunities for smaller businesses to branch out with opportunities for more business worldwide, without the expense that comes with travelling. Remote working will also be vastly improved with instantaneous communication between customers and co-workers.

Here are just some of the benefits 5G will provide

Greater speed (enough to download a movie in few seconds)
Greater capacity(1,000 times capacity of 4G)
Reduced Latency (stop delays)
Provide high resolution and larger bandwidth
5G will be more reliable.
More efficient.
Lower battery consumption
Simultaneous connections can work together
Provide uninterrupted and consistent connectivity.
Allow access to parallel multiple services
Remote place access grant
Detect natural disasters

5G will alter the very DNA of our user experience in dramatic, exciting ways – from retail to financial services, transportation to manufacturing, to healthcare and beyond. It works on higher frequencies – and more of them – to bring faster, more reliable outdoor coverage to mobile networks.

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