Imagine for a moment, that your business phone system has failed, leaving your business without the facility to make or receive calls. What impact would this have on your business and your customers? Would you start losing money from the offset? What about your reputation with your customers if they are unable to contact you?

These kinds of issues can cause irreparable damage for a business, particularly where customers are concerned. We can all replace telephone equipment but its not as easy to replace lost customers. Choosing the correct Telephone System Maintenance & Support Services can have a big impact on the day-to-day running of your business.

Tech Advance provide flexible and reliable telephone system maintenance & support contracts and VoIP phone systems.  Our systems are designed to provide the absolute best cover and support, so your customer service levels, profits and reputation are always maintained. Below are just a few of the benefits that a Telephone System Maintenance Contract can offer your business.

What does the annual support contract include?

• Avoid lengthy delays in repairs when needed.  Guaranteed engineer response time to any faults you log with us. All faults are graded so if you have a fault affecting 50% or more of your system, you would expect a guaranteed response of 4 hours for an engineer to working on the resolution. Minor faults tend to be up to 16 working hours for reference.

• Avoid costs for engineering call outs and time. –  All engineer fault call outs and time spent on or off site are covered with no cost when you have a support contract in place. Without cover a typical call out cost including the first hour spent on-site is £175. With additional engineering time charged at £70 per hour if required.

• Avoid costs for replacement system hardware – If any of the telephone system hardware is deemed faulty then this will be replaced at no cost to you as part of the support. This includes the main telephone system processor and any of the telephone system interface cards included in your phone system.

• Avoid costs for minor programming changes – Every now and then you may wish to make minor programming changes to the way in which your phone system is configured such as extension names as staff change or which phones ring when your main number calls, without a support contract these usually cost approx. £40 per remote programming ticket however if you have a support contract these minor changes are handled for you with a maximum of 5 per annum.

In the event of a telephone system failure, getting things up and running again quickly is critical. With our maintenance and business phone support solutions you have complete confidence that whatever the problem – whether a small programming query or a major system failure – it will always be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

For more information about telephone maintenance or support, please contact us on 0800 50 533 50. Alternatively, you can visit our Telephone system Maintenance & Repair services page for more information about our contracts.

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