Your Wide Area Network (WAN) is a critical component of your IT and business operations. It takes dedicated resources, hardware, software, and the latest applications to properly manage it. You can share access to applications, services and other centrally located resources. This eliminates the need to install the same application server, firewall or other resource in multiple locations.

Focus on your business, not your network

Managed Wide Area Network (WAN) offers you a basic service package covering core service transition and operation. With the option to select additional services. You can choose from a range of services – end-to-end service management, including provision, maintenance, incident and service management . All without the costs associated with an in-house approach.

Wide Area Network (WAN) Key features:

Single contract and sales support with BT – one contract that covers all our solutions makes it easier to negotiate and initiate change control during the life of a contract.

Single help-desk – having a point of contact for all telephony, network and service queries and faults ensures that you will not need to keep multiple numbers or get ‘lost.’

Single service path – With Wide Area Network (WAN) you can go from a simple unmanaged solution with a seamless migration path to a fully managed solution.

Single technical solution – all designs can be owned by a member of our Technical Services for the life of the contract.

Single Project Management – seamless integration between legacy voice and IPT is the key to our successful delivery of convergence.

Single billing – saves time in bill interpretation and can be a valuable source of information to aid business decision making.

Single reporting platform – our state-of-the-art Concord reporting platform enables us to report across your entire network.

Managed Wide Area Network (WAN) services power your network to securely deliver information with the speed and ease your users need to stay productive.

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