Whatever business you’re in, you will have heard of the hosted communications revolution; rather than relying on clunky on-site private branch exchanges (PBX), companies can instead use their internet connection to make and receive voice calls. A hosted Phone system can not only meet your changing business needs for speed, flexibility and scalability but can often deliver a more cost-effective communications solution than its predecessor. A hosted solution removes the hassle of managing your own PBX, while leaving you in control of your business telecoms.

The reasons for opting for a hosted phone system can be summarised by the ‘four C’s’:

• Control – Hosting your phone system in the cloud might seem like a loss of control, or even security. However in fact ,it can provide your organisation with greater flexibility and enhanced call management capabilities. Giving you a better overview of how your phone system is meeting your business demands. You can then decide which parameters need adjusting to meet those needs. You’re in control of the system.

• Cost – There’s no need to invest in expensive on-site hardware and there are no ongoing maintenance costs, unlike a traditional phone system with an on-site PBX.

• Convenience –  A hosted phone system offers greater flexibility and scalability. It can, for example, integrate your mobile and fixed line services. What’s more, as your business grows, your phone system can easily scale to cope with the new demands.

• Continuity – If a phone system goes down for even a short period, it can have  catastrophic effects on a business. A hosted phone system offers a reliable and resilient solution with full business continuity features, should a site go down through disaster or unforeseen events.

The future for telephony

You want communications integrated into your business processes, and some of the features you can add once you move to Hosted VoIP make that possible. Once your voice traffic travels the information superhighway, you can integrate unified communications (UC) software or contact centre features. You can’t do that with a traditional phone system.

With BTs announcement to switch off their ISDN and PSTN network by 2025, more and more services are migrating to the cloud and removing hardware from their premises. Ethernet products provide a viable alternative to the old legacy lines. Switching to an IP network using VoIP and SIP technology opens up endless possibilities for your business.

Tech Advance are a provider of Hosted Cloud phone systems. Our Cloud solutions provide complete flexibility in your business communications. It offers more flexibility, quicker deployment with a simplified set-up, predictable monthly billing charges and advanced call routing. You can even integrate it with your CRM application or Outlook contacts.

To find out more about how Hosted Cloud technology could help your business contact us today on 0800 505 3350. Alternatively, you can read more about Cloud Phone Systems on our website.

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