You’ve drawn up the plans and you know who’s going where at the new site, but have you considered what cabling to install?  Each position needs a socket available to connect equipment such as a telephones, computers, printers, scanners and fax machines etc. Planning structured cabling for business offices can get tricky if you don’t understand what you’re doing. It’s important to speak to people that can offer you a solution that is both future proofed and cost effective. They can provide your business with a good communication system that can support services such as WAN, LAN and ISDN.

Organising your structured cabling system ensures a highly reliable and cost-effective network infrastructure that will stand the test of time.

The Benefits of Structured Cabling for Business

Easily Scalable –  Structured cabling systems package wires neatly in a way that’s easy to manage. There’s never an issue when adding new machines or technology to your IT environment. If your business grows and you want to buy new computers or add video conferencing, it can be done without interrupting daily operations. It can also make office moves really easy.

Simplicity – No messy wires as multiple wire systems are replaced with the structured wiring system.. This makes the infrastructure much easier to manage.

Increased data speed – Structured network cabling for offices links every device in your network together. Implementing it into your business will greatly benefit your organisation. Robust data cables allow for a high-speed network that enables internet access, file sharing and media streaming and providing faster transmission assisting with overall business productivity.

Supports Future Upgrade – Allows for efficient changes and upgrades so all future moves, rearrangements, and upgrades can be implemented with no fuss. Employees can plug in and continue working from wherever they are in the office.

Cost-Effectiveness – A structured cabling system will survive all other networking components with only minimal upgrades required. It reduces power, cooling usage and cost.

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