Whilst it’s true that VoIP Telephony is the smartest and simplest for of technology on the market today, in order to get the most from a VoIP solution, there is still a basic set of requirements that need to be addressed prior to deploying VoIP within your business.Below are some of the essential questions and answers that you need to know before deploying VoIP into your business.

What type of Internet Connection is needed for VoIP?

In order to enjoy the full benefits of a VoIP solution, you need to have a fast and reliable internet connection as the service is provided through the internet.  Bandwidth is defined as the ability to transfer data (such as a VoIP telephone call) from one point to another in a fixed amount of time. The higher the bandwidth speed you have, the more data you can send over your broadband internet connection.

What equipment do I need for VoIP?

With office VoIP phone systems, you would still buy the telephones, setup and training but instead of purchasing the telephone system processor, you simply pay a monthly rental for ports on the offsite VoIP system. Your VoIP phones would then connect via the Internet using VoIP to the telephone system that is offsite.

Can I get any VoIP Phone?

Like with anything in life, you get what you pay for. Whilst two phones may offer the same functions, always make sure you are purchasing your VoIP phones from a reliable supplier. A good quality VoIP telephone can make a significant difference to the quality of calls made using VoIP.

Do you need security with VoIP?

As with any internet application, VoIP is open to viruses and malware, VoIP phishing (vishing), spamming, call tampering and phreaking. Hacking of the telephone lines, the server and interception of calls are all possibilities.

A VoIP solution provides generous cost and operational benefits, but those benefits require support from strong VoIP security measures and services. Security measures such as Call Barring, Fraud Alerts, Automatic Suspensions and SIP Registration are all ways in which you can protect your VoIP network from possible fraud.

Tech Advance are a provider of office VoIP phone systems. Our Cloud VoIP solution is aimed businesses who are looking for complete flexibility in their business communications. It offers more flexibility, quicker deployment with a simplified set-up, predictable monthly billing charges, advanced call routing and you can even integrate it with your CRM application or Outlook contacts.

To find out more about how VoIP technology could help you’re your business money and improve customer communication, contact us today on 0800 505 3350. Alternatively, you can read more about VoIP telephony services on our website.

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