Once you have received and set-up your Cloud telephone system it’s time to start getting the most from it. We will send you an email with a link to take you to the Web Portal. From there, you will be asked to input a username and password of which will be contained in the email.  Once in the portal you will be able to access many features and check up on your account including:


The system will give you an overview of your telephone performance detailing useful information about who is calling your business and when, how many calls you have missed and the same overview information for your outbound telephone calls. See the below screenshot showing the Inbound and outbound dashboard views provided.

cloud performance stats
cloud performance statsAdvance telephone call statistics

This feature allows you to view and export your own telephone call records for every single call into or out of your business including the number dialled or calling, time of day, call duration etc. This can show you exactly how many calls you receive on your published telephone numbers, where the calls are coming from and what the peak times for inbound calls are. You can even search on historical call data to find when specific numbers have been called or tried to call you, see the below screenshot showing the search criteria you can use to find that all important call or check how much time your team are actually spending on the phone.

cloud advanced statistics

Call Handling

You can change the way the system handles your incoming calls for example divert calls to other numbers, out of hours messages or different internal phones when you want without the need for a telephone system engineer.

Manage your own phones

You can alter / update the internal phones set up on your system for e.g. changing staff names, adding system speed dial numbers for all users or even just changing what the flexible buttons do on each users phone.

Instant Conference calls

You can set up conference calls which can then be initiated quickly and easily with the system calling up everyone you want to attend for you.

Call Recording

Once enabled on your system you can use this administrator function to search for an export audio file copies of every phone call made or received.

If you would like to learn more about your Cloud phone User Portal then please contact us on 0800 505 3350 or drop us a contact form and we will be happy to discuss this with you. Alternative why not visit our Cloud telephone systems page where you can find out more about this great technology and see how it could improve your business.


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