Since business telephone systems are heavily dependent on an electricity supply, it’s crucial that your business has some form of a back-up on hand  when unforeseeable events such as blackouts, brownouts, surges, and spikes, occur due to electrical storms and other natural or human-induced disasters. By having a UPS power system installed you’ll have a SEAMLESS power protection system ready to cope with any power outage be it short or extended, dependant on the battery autonomy of the system, ready to  protect against by power drop or power spike.

Below are five reasons why your business shouldn’t be without an UPS power system:

  • Break free power

UPS provides instantaneous, break-free supply of power in the event that your mains power supply fails. It also maintains power between mains failure and generator start up. When the battery kicks in, all the business devices attached will remain up and running. You will avoid any kind of data loss while working midway.

  • Power shifts

Protects from power shifts that can cause damage to electronic devices. The UPS power system controls voltage instability through a stable power output.

  • Surge protection

A UPS power system continently monitors the incoming voltage and identifies spikes and surges with outages. If harmful conditions arise, the UPS will switch to AC power, stopping the spike from reaching the devices connected to it. When the spike is gone, the UPS reconnects it’s output to the power coming from the mains.

  • Cost

What is the cost of losing productivity? What is the cost of recreating or recovering lost data? Installation of a UPS keeps your workstations up and running. This is especially important if you are working to a deadline if you’re working on sensitive data/information, and many more scenarios.

  • Opportunity to backup essential data

A UPS solution can allow employees a window to backup essential data and power down their workstations and servers, avoiding data loss.When deciding to invest in a UPS, choosing the correct solution for your requirements is very important.

Speaking to customers is a vital part of what makes for good customer service in business. If affected, it can have repercussions that are sometimes hard to come back from. Installing an uninterruptible power supply for your phone means that this need never be a problem. Tech Advance source and install effective and resilient mission critical systems to provide instantaneous defence from power interruptions.

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