Whether it’s your business expanding, you’re unhappy with your current premises or you just simply fancy a change of scenery, moving into a new office can be daunting task. So, when exactly should you start planning your office move?

Put simply…. NOW!

That might seem a little sudden, particularly if you’re only planning on moving next year. However, in our experience, even the very best of plans can still encounter hiccups along the way.

An office move, like any move, is a major project which needs proper preparation. Try to determine a time frame and moving schedule and set a date when you want your move to be completed. If there is a deadline for the move, you’ll find things far less stressful if you plan things way in advance.

Why not get some notes together and arrange a meeting to discuss it with your staff?  Moving office can sometimes cause uncertainty with staff as their sense of place and community attachment will change. By holding regular meetings and keeping all your staff updated, it will help maintain a good sense of team spirit. You could create a small group designated as the moving committee, with specialised roles and responsibilities related to the move.

So How Much Time is Enough Time?

A smooth commercial move relies heavily on planning. You need to ensure that you, the company and your employees are all prepared for each stage of the move.

We suggest at least 12 weeks for even the most straight forward of moves, with 6 to 8 months as the minimum for larger moves.  That way any hiccups that may arise can be sorted out ahead of your moving day.

Your workplace is an important factor in ensuring the success of your business. By identifying your business’s requirements early, you can minimise business downtime and save yourself a lot of money and heartache in the process.

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