Another year, another business phone line price increase. Prices have been steadily increasing over several years now but the one due to happen in October this year, will be the fifth in just three years. The UK’s biggest telephone providers have increased PSTN (Analogue) and ISDN-2-line rental, and many call charges at the beginning of the year and it seems now, they are set to increase again. Meaning businesses are likely to be substantially over-paying for traditional services.

If you’re currently a Business customer with some of these large providers and are starting to feel the pinch from all these price increases, maybe its time you considered switching providers to one cheaper?

Tech Advance are cheaper than most UK telephone providers in the UK

Here at Tech Advance we provide an extensive range of high quality phone services to help you to get the most from your business communications. We can transfer, supply, install and manage all your traditional telephone line services, including new installations, faults & change management and billing and all at a significantly lower cost than the telecoms giants.

If you’re a large organisation, having one of your employees spend hours at a time on the phone trying to get through to the right department of these larger providers, can be a real nightmare. Not only does it cost your business money, but it means your employee can’t get on with their job. When you call to speak to us, you get a real person every time and better than that, you can even speak to the same person.

We also have our own billing portal which gives you more control and visibility by providing centralised invoice and usage information, providing you with an accurate inventory of all your telecoms services and expenses through one simple login. You can use the billing portal to help you keep track of costing, manage budgets and provide valuable business knowledge to non-technical users adding real meaning to your data and allowing you to make informed decisions and be more cost-effective.

Why pay over the odds for your business lines and calls, when you can get better service at a hugely reduced cost? Get in touch today on 0800 50 533 53 and receive fast, quality, independent advice, from a provider who cares. You can also visit our Business Phone Lines & Calls page for more information about our products and how much you could save.