VoIP telephone lines also known as SIP trunks are becoming much more commonplace, with many businesses choosing to make the transition to VoIP now following BT’s announcement to terminate all ISDN lines with the intention that all communications will be IP (Internet Protocol) based within the next 10 years.

The decision for this change is simple. VoIP telephone lines offer businesses improved flexibility, communication and represent an opportunity to reduce costs significantly for most businesses.

And now we are pleased to announce another great new feature available through Tech Advance SIP trunks (VoIP lines) which provides another significant benefit to you the end user from this technology.

The added benefits of VoIP Telephone Lines

Those of who have been around in telecoms for long enough will remember the introduction of ISDN30 and a move to Euro ISDN30 signalling protocol AKA Q.931. This is the current ISDN30 standard still in use today and will be the case no doubt until the ISDN services are withdrawn in 2025.

The reason we mention this is when we moved to the European common standard of Q.931 from ISDN30 we lost a feature that was available on the previous version known as DASS2, however, that has now become available again with our new VoIP lines.

The feature in question provides businesses with the ability to split their total number of lines for different incoming telephone numbers to their business using this new feature known as Limit Caller Admissions (LCA). (Yes yet another TLA from our industry).

The way that the LCA works is that during busy call periods if you have10 agents associated to a particular number, then setting an LCA of 10 against that destination will ensure call delivery is maximised to all available agents during that time. Similarly, if you choose to only set an LCA of 8 then this would will allow 2 channels to be kept as spares for other numbers/services operating within your business.

With any situation that involves high volumes of inbound calls such as call centres; doctors surgeries and busy sales departments, these would greatly benefit by allowing users to manage call flows and utilise tools such as calls queues to ensure demand is met efficiently.  With University Clearing coming up, this provides an excellent control mechanism during this peak period.

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