Businesses across the UK are falling victim to telephone fraud with each Toll Fraud attack costing businesses on average £10,000.

“What is Toll Fraud, and why would it affect my business?”

Toll Fraud is the illegal and unauthorised use of your telephone equipment, telephone lines and services. A hacker gains access to your phone system and makes fraudulent long-distance calls that are charged to YOU. As a result, it can leave your business liable for bills that can run into thousands of pounds.

Over the last couple of years the occurrence of telephone system hacking has seen a massive increase. The reason for this is simple… Attacking business telephone systems is a high profit low risk activity. A hacker will normally link together several unprotected telephone systems making tracing the calls almost impossible. They then generate profit by dialling premium rated telephone numbers; these are usually of the international variety.  As a result, the profits they can make from these attacks are alarming and have the potential to bankrupt the target.

How you can protect your business

Here at Tech Advance we provide free Fraud Protection with all our Cloud telephone systems. With tools implemented in our billing platform it allows you to keep track of all the calls your business makes. Furthermore, we can arrange with you to set a specific call cost threshold for your business so that if you exceed your stated amount it will flag up as suspicious activity on your account. You can set as many or as few alerts as you require. If you reach your limit, the system will email or SMS the chosen contact.

The UK is the third most targeted country for toll fraud with 85% of UK businesses at risk and set to rise by 15% year on year. This is a multi-billion-dollar industry with monetary damages more than double that of Credit Card Fraud.

Our Cloud phone systems offer in-built disaster recovery / business continuity and in-built fraud protection, making it a top choice for businesses in the UK today.

If you would like to learn more about protecting your business against Toll Fraud, please contact us on 0800 50 533 50. Alternatively, you can visit our Cloud telephone systems page for more information about this fantastic technology.