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With an upcoming move into new offices in Preston Technology Centre at the end of March 2018, ERI Assured needed to “source” a suitable Internet connection and business telephone service for their team in the new office and embarked on looking for a local supplier.

Office Manager at ERI, Wendy Hebblethwaite, had in the past worked for a company who had invited Lancashire based telecoms provider Tech Advance to quote for services and so decided to contact them and request information and pricing on what they would recommend for ERI Assured.

They wanted the most reliable, cost effective solution, which provided the fastest possible business Internet service and a flexible business telephone system which could best support them in the new office. Following initial discussions and an on-site survey of the new office suite, Tech Advance recommended a single fibre broadband connection designed to run both PC’s and VoIP phones over Wi-Fi and a mix of cordless and PC software-based telephones.

ERI had a couple of users who already owned USB headsets which worked with their PC’s and the option to take a software-based VoIP phone for those users (an application on their PC’s), worked well as it removed the need to buy a physical desk phone and meant their office phone went with their laptop wherever they were working.

ERI chose to proceed with Tech Advance as they presented themselves to be a reliable telecoms provider they could trust to deliver a high quality, hassle free service at the right price… And that’s exactly what they did!

Tech Advance had the new system installed, tested and working the week before the office move into the new suite.

Wendy Hebblethwaite Office Manager for ERI handled this project for ERI Assured and commented:

“Tech Advance didn’t have the cheapest solution available, however, we were more concerned with quality of service and the systems we were going to use. Having considered several options, we chose to proceed with Tech Advance for our phones and Internet services. We have found both the service provided and the quality of the system to be excellent! The PC VoIP phones especially work well for us and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending anyone to use Tech Advance for business Internet and phones based upon our experience”.

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