Managing and operating a complex and intelligent, multi-vendor, global network is not easy. With so many components to juggle, keeping control can sometimes feel impossible. But don’t worry, this is where we come in.

Tech Advance provide and specialise in Managed Voice and Data Services to corporate customers throughout the UK. Our portfolio of hosted voice and unified communications services delivers extensive superior knowledge in all telecommunication areas, from mobiles and fixed-line connections, to broadband and networking solutions.

If you’re a large organisation with many different departments, you don’t want to be dealing with multiple service providers and multiple bills. This only gets confusing and when it does, things can start to get overlooked. This is when you can end up paying over the odds for your services as you just don’t have the time to be ploughing through all those bills.

The same goes with any technical issues that may arise. What you don’t want is an IT department that spends half of its time dealing with minor technical issues. With Managed Services, this need not be a problem as we can handle all those issues for you, leaving your IT department to focus on more core competencies.

As a Managed Service provider, we micromanage our clients’ estates, working in partnership with them to accurately define a wide range of IT, Connectivity and Telecommunications Services. Our personal approach to your business means that we can give you clear visibility into what your network is doing and allow you to see exactly where savings can be made.

If your business operates multiple sites in the UK, we can provide resilient and dependable connectivity solutions to bring them together.

Backed by resiliency, security and support, Manged Voice and Data Services from Tech Advance provide, unlimited scalability and significant cost savings. We can help solve your most complex unified communications and collaboration problems with hands on experience to ensure success.

If you would like to learn more about how our Managed Voice and Data Services could improve communications in your business, please call us on 0800 50 533 53. Alternatively, you can visit our Managed Voice and Data Services page for more information about the services we provide. We look forward to hearing from you!