Virtual telephone System

In recent blogs we have talked about hybrid VoIP and cloud telephone systems and we figured we had missed introducing you to a “Virtual telephone System”.

A virtual telephone system is a cloud based system using smilar but more advanced version of the system historically used to handle 08xx numbers.

With a virtual telephone system you simply place you main telephone numbers into the cloud at a fixed monthly rental cost of £6 upwards dependent upon the number and the functionality you want to use.

Any number can be used including your existing geographic main number.  Once this number is “hosted” in the cloud on the virtual phone system, you can then create a full incoming caller plan with all of the sophisticated technology of a high end expensive telephone system but at a fraction of the cost.

Sometimes it’s all about image and the response a potential or existing client receives when they call your business should be of high importance to you.

 The key benefits of these systems are listed below: –

  • Professional caller greetings for every call to answer professionally in your company name.
  • Optional automated attendant greeting giving your caller option to press a key to route themselves to the correct person or team.
  • The ability to present the caller to a list of separate numbers such as home office or main office landline numbers and mobile numbers all together until the call is answered.
  • You can create different call plans for different times of day or days of the week.
  • Callers can listen to professional information on hold whilst holding or waiting for an answer.
  • Any messages taken can be delivered to an email address of your choice instantly to listen to on your mobile device or forward on to someone else.
  • Callers answered can be easily transferred to any other number just as if you had a normal telephone system.
  • Incoming calls can be recorded at as little as 2.5 pence per minute.

These sort of systems can be of benefit to a company of any size, for the smaller company, the virtual telephone system can replace the needs to buy a phone system and can make use of mobile telephones or normal basic telephone lines. The larger companies can use the system to complement existing systems in place, maybe just to call record certain incoming calls or to run a help or support line with a menu driven call control.

If you are interested in learning more about virtual telephone systems then please contact us now on regular occurrence for some free expert advice or visit our Cloud Telephone Systems page

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