If you’ve invested in the Unified Communications platform, Skype for Business, then you’ll already be connecting with co-workers or business partners in your company or around the world. But what if you could get even more from your communications platform?

Just like Skype for Business, telephony is moving to the Cloud too and now you can integrate your phone system to work along with it and call your contacts directly from your computer screen. Users can call from all Skype for Business devices and can control calls via a desktop.

We are using and supplying a managed Cloud phone system which can provide this functionality now off the shelf with no need for any development or expensive deployment costs. In fact, it costs just £1.50 for the software required per month/ per user to add this functionality with our Cloud Phone on your desk.

Along with the ability to click-to-dial out of Skype for Business, your Cloud Phone will open up a caller’s record when they call in. This will save you and your employees time when receiving a call because you’ll have that caller’s specific record open. So, by the time you’ve introduced yourself, you’ll already know exactly who you’re talking to.

For your customer service teams, it’s all about resolving issues more quickly and improving customer satisfaction and with a Cloud Phone system you can do just that.

This additional functionality provides a screen popping feature that includes incoming caller information, case information pulled from the communications platform which allows agents to personalise each customer interaction.

A Cloud Phone system provides a lot of benefits, particularly to small and mid-sized businesses, including less maintenance, greater scalability and lower up-front costs.

The benefits:

  • “Click to Call” contacts directly from Skype for Business which then controls your desk phone and dials the number.
  • Presence indications in Skype for Business to other users confirming if you are on your phone, in a meeting etc.
  • Matching incoming calls to records in Skype for Business when your phone starts to ring with pop ups on screen before you answer.
  • The ability for (UC) Skype for Business to record all your telephone call history within the activity history so you know exactly when you last spoke.
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