Marketing is hugely important for a business to succeed and Music On Hold & On Hold Messages can contribute significantly to this success. Internet campaigns with social media, advertisements in newspapers, radio commercials or even the traditional approaches such as display advertising, all have a direct effect on the profitability and sales for your business. Yet the one thing you can never really guarantee with all of the above marketing techniques is that the “right” people are reading and hearing what it is you’re advertising.

Every business has a target market and it’s down to you to figure out exactly how to reach that market. “You’ve got to get your message to the people who need and want what you have to offer”. The most targeted audience you can obtain is the people calling you. These people have already shown an interest in your business by picking up the phone and calling in, therefore making them a potential new customer just ripe for the picking.

Music on Hold & On Hold Messages are an audio program which combines music and messages that are significant to the people who are calling up your business. It is a fantastic tool that allows you to advertise products and services to your callers whilst on hold and is proven to be a great marketing solution that is both cost effective and flexible.

Research shows that of the 70% of customers that are placed on hold, more than 30% of them will hang up and never call back again if met with silence or irritating sounds. Yet callers who are provided with company information and music, will stay on the line for up to 2 minutes.

Music on Hold & On Hold Messages are an essential tool for any business wanting to promote good customer service. It shows professionalism and enhances the image of your business whilst at the same time adding value to incoming calls as you promote services, products and special offers, potentially generating more sales.

With Music on Hold & On Hold Messages you can add a professionally recorded message to your telephone system that can be scripted by you and then recorded by an experienced professional voice over actor.

Visit our Music on Hold & On Hold Messages page to view our library of professional voice over’s and music on hold where you can preview music tracks and play different voices to decide which combination would work best for your business. We offer a selection of music from classical or easy listening to rock, and because it’s royalty-free music you don’t need a PRS or PPL licence.