Inbound telephone services – Better call management means better customer service and as all business owners know, keeping customers happy is critical to the success of your business.

Within the last 6 months, 24% of UK customers have stopped doing business with a company due to a bad customer service experience. When this happens to a business it can be hard to come back from. Often news of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise and can be very costly to your business.

Improving the customer service experience starts by helping your customers reach the right departments faster. Using inbound call control features from your provider can direct calls to different teams or departments using criteria such as:

  • Geographic origin of the call
  • Phone number the customer is calling from
  • Phone number the customer dials
  • Time of day or day of the week the call is received

With Inbound telephone services you can have online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and managing tools to empower your business with the perfect customer service.

Immediate to set up – everything’s online and directly feeds into the network giving the ability to instantly create or make changes to call plans, announcements and other features.

39% of UK consumers said it is critical for companies to provide more intelligent self-service so they are not trapped in unproductive automated systems.

Customers care very little about the circumstances that lead to a bad experience for them. Help avoid these situations with the implementation of simple but effective call management solutions.

Tech Advance provide inbound telephone services that are feature rich and can improve customer service through tailored call plans to suit your business.

Our Tech VoIP Call Centre is a cloud-based service aimed at businesses that receive a high amount of inbound calls such as those with sales teams, customer service, accounts departments, help desks and receptionists. The service can be accessed through an easy to use web interface that allows you to make changes live in an instant so you can keep up with any changes in your business.

An advantage of inbound telephone services are realised in the ability to earn extra margin and reduce telephone support costs by billing charging for premium rate calls.

If you would like to know more about our inbound telephone services or to discuss how our Tech Horizon Call Centre could help your business and improve customer service, please call us today on 0800 505 3350

You can also visit our Call Recording & Call Logging page which provides even more ways to improve inbound calling in your business.