Cloud Telephone System

Financial recruitment specialist AFR Consulting was founded in 2004 and in early 2013 it rebranded its senior division to form FD Recruit. From here the business has grown significantly and now operates across eight UK regions, sourcing only the very best in local & national CFOs & Finance Directors.

With a staggering 99% success rate of finding the right candidate for their clients, FD Recruit know all about getting the job done and getting it done properly.  Which is why when the business was looking to review their current telephone system from an on-site Avaya system to a new Cloud based platform, they needed a reliable telecoms provider whom they could trust to deliver a high quality, hassle free service at the right price.

Lancashire based telecoms provider Tech Advance came recommended to them and it wasn’t long before FD Recruit could see exactly why the business was held in such high esteem as managing director of FD Recruit discusses:

“Due to our growth plans we knew that we needed to review the business telephone system we were using but at the time we were not sure who to work with. A known contact in telecoms recommended we speak with Tech Advance as they were well positioned in the area of cloud based VoIP telephone systems and also understood the type of on-site system we had been using for many years. Following our initial meetings Tech Advance were able to quickly grasp what we needed and to come up with a solution moving forward which ticked all of our boxes. They were totally competent in every area of telecoms and we felt we could completely put our trust in them to do the very best by the business.”

FD Recruit operate from several locations as opposed to just one main office and Tech Advance got to work at understanding exactly what type of system would benefit the business in the long term.

Due to the development within the business they also needed a saleable solution to support the planned growth of remote workers needing to be part of the business telephone system but whilst working remotely in different UK locations either from small offices or home office environments.

They also wanted a system which gave them more control from an administration viewpoint themselves and a quick and easy solution for disaster recovery, such as head office staff not being able to get into the office due to extreme weather etc.

The solution that Tech Advance came up with for FD Recruit was the Tech Horizon hosted platform which provided all of the aspects they were looking for and many more.

  • A mix of users working in the main administration office and remote offices or even home offices.
  • A complex and fully customisable call handling flow for all published geographic locations via a single easy to manage portal.
  • Cost savings in call costs with call bundles reducing costs for local national and mobile uk calls.
  • A totally scalable telephone system which can take extra users and numbers at low costs when needed with a low upfront investment and with all the functionality you would normally expect on a high end on site phone system which would cost thousands.
  • A system which will integrate with their CRM database applications for click to call and inbound database contact record screen popping.

MD Phil Scott had this to say about the project:

“Due to our impending expansion we needed a system that was easily scalable without high investment costs; very flexible due to the multiple locations we operate from nowadays and the new phone system also needed to be highly featured and capable of handling our incoming calls for each of our brands in their own specific way.

I am glad to say Tech Advance did not let us down and delivered on every promise they made. The project was a huge success and the Cloud telephone system is working really well for us moving forward in our industry. Tech Advance are a fantastic provider and we would recommend their system and services to anyone considering upgrading to a new phone system.”