Hosted Telephony is quickly becoming the number one way many businesses are choosing to go when it comes to deciding the future of their business telecoms.  A lot of this has to do with the fact that Hosted Telephony looks to avoid the excess costs and complexities of on-premise solutions and removes the headache often associated with the maintenance and servicing of telecoms equipment.

With Tech Horizon as an end user you get greater control of your own telecoms platforms. You can effectively administrate your own system through a Web Based User Interface, giving you the ability to easily manage your entire telecoms infrastructure across multiple sites. This is great if you have remote workers in your business.

You can quickly configure the system in accordance with your organisation’s changing requirements, whilst your staff can handle their calls simply and efficiently.  This enables flexible work environments such as hot-desking, remote workers, Outlook and CRM integration and can even extend the service to mobile devices. It’s perfect for remote workers or staff who need to work from different locations as you can deliver business phone extensions to any employee, anywhere that acts as one seamless system.

Tech Horizon offers all the cost benefits of IP telephony including free site-to-site calls and cheaper call rates. If you use Tech Horizon together with our mobile services you can also benefit from free calls between your fixed and mobile devices.

Tech Horizon makes flexible working truly flexible.

If you would like to learn more about this or would like assistance in understanding your best options then please contact us on 0345 389 2310, alternatively you can download our telephone systems buyers guide as useful reference material or even run a Quick Quote to obtain a budget cost for a new telephone system in less than 60 seconds.