Flexible working hours in the UK has soared over recent years as more and more workers are now able to work from home instead of going into the office. The demand for these flexible hours from employees is high with one in four offices wanting the chance to have a more flexible working schedule.

However there are still employers who are resistant to change with many organisations afraid of the departure from traditional working practices as they are unsure of how to manage it effectively.

It seems the biggest issue for many employers, is the worry of being able to stay connected with employees whilst they are working from home. They may need to hold impromptu meetings with staff, check sensitive data that they don’t want to send over email or simply be able to speak to people on a more personal level that requires face to face communication.

That is why many businesses are now adopting video conferencing and collaboration platforms as a way to stay connected with employees.

Video conferencing can be used in a host of different environments which is one of the reasons the technology is so popular with some employers recognising significant benefits that come by allowing employees, in particular those with children, to work to their own schedules, with some even stating an increase in the productivity of their business.

Video Conferencing provides businesses with the ability to meet and to work with others over any distance and because of the changes in technology and broadband speeds improving ever year, Video Conferencing has reduced in price dramatically making it a popular tool for many companies employing remote workers.

For a minimal cost, it is possible to set-up a fully functional videoconferencing system that works in a professional and reliable way from your home office. For many people working out of home has never been easier or more practical.

With the virtual landscape of many businesses today, some don’t even have offices–and many have employees who live across the country or even the world. In these cases, various forms of technology can bridge the gap and make everyone feel closer.

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