How to improve your business…

Voicemail Messaging solutions help you stay connected to all your customers and other callers. They offer ways to deliver a personal touch even when you can’t answer every call personally.

It could be that your receptionist is especially busy answering calls already but with a Voicemail Messaging system, it can help route callers to the people they need without them having to hang on the line until somebody is free to answer their call.
This not only saves your business time and money but is a much more convenient way to improve communication by helping your employees work more efficiently and productively.

It also ensures you can communicate effectively without relying on other people to take a message; an invaluable system for many businesses today.
Never place your callers in “voicemail jail” as this can result in lost business when customers cannot get through to speak to a real person. It is possible to put a system in place to ensure callers have the option to speak to another member of the team as opposed to being forced to leave a message.

Call Queuing Announcements

Call queuing announcements ensure all calls are answered automatically with an initial announcement greeting. It is an effective way to ensure that you do not lose that all-important call. Queues allow more callers than available destinations and callers have the option to exit the queue and leave a voicemail message, or listen to music on hold until someone is free to take their call. You can route the call to a team member after the announcement by increasing the caller priority and notifying more staff of the call.

Automated Attendant

An automated attendant system answers all calls on your chosen number of rings and plays a pre-recorded announcement giving the caller the option to be transferred to an extension without going through a telephone operator or receptionist. Having an auto-attendant in a phone system is a very useful and cost-effective feature for a business as it reduces call volumes to your main reception and improves your service level – the caller is able to press a key to automatically ring the extension of a user once his/her extension is announced by the auto attendant.

Always make sure that you don’t make the procedure too complicated for the caller when you set up the system as most people are happy to make one of two key presses but then they expect to be answered quickly by the relevant team member.

Benefits of the voicemail messaging system include:

  • Customers who ring during business hours are answered promptly and greeted by a personal recording giving it a personal touch
  • Count on voice mail to get your callers’ messages word-for-word, with all their detail and nuances. It can relieve you and your employees of the task of taking messages and relaying them while improving accuracy and your ability to respond to all your callers.
  • Have your voice mail system automatically call you when you have a new message waiting in your mailbox.

Voice messaging systems can either reside on or off site to your business, to learn more about which technology solution suits your business best, give us a call on 0800 50 533 50 and we’ll be happy to go through the options with you.