While there are many options when it comes to communicating with clients, customers and employees, the telephone remains a mainstay for the majority of most businesses.

Over the years businesses have seen an increase in telephone fraud and because of this security has become a top priority for many businesses with decisions on new phone technology being heavily influenced by the security they provide.

 Cloud VoIP Business phones

With the popularity of VoIP telephones which are connected to the public Internet, it has brought with a number of issues concerning their security. Many telephone system suppliers are happily enabling these types of VoIP services for clients with phones on their Internet facing networks but without a voice firewall AKA session border controller which can prove to be a great security risk.

If you are considering using you mobile phone, tablet or desktop PC as your office telephone then  Cloud VoIP Business phones might be the best option for you from a security viewpoint.

With  managed Cloud VoIP Business phones, this degree of security is handled by the provider who you pay a monthly service fee to host the equipment for you. This means the maintenance and security responsibilities are put into the hands of trained, dedicated professionals who specialise in areas that organisational information technology departments might not.

This means it leaves you free of any concerns or threats of someone hacking into your system and running up the fateful phone bills that has for some business amounted to thousands of pounds in matter of days.

In addition to the added security they build around data, ‘cloud’ based phone systems enable numerous platforms of communication in one central location. Faxes can be sent without a dedicated connection by backing up each extension with its own separate, unique fax number. In many instances, faxes can even be sent directly to smartphones and tablets.

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