We live in a technological world were in business everything is working at double the speed than it was, say 5 years ago. Yet some businesses still rely on fax machines to receive communications.

Not only is this an expensive way to communicate data, with the cost of paper and ink going up, it’s also objectionable from an ecological standpoint. The average business can save a substantial amount of money just by reducing the amount of junk faxes and data they print out.

The Tech Advance fax-to-email service is really simple, allowing businesses to combine the functionality of a fax with the speed and confidentiality of email. This means that faxes can be sent from a normal fax machine and arrive directly as an email at the recipient’s computer.  Not only is this more efficient and will reduce the overheads of your business, it’s also much more ecologically friendly, which in today’s society makes for good business.

The system has no impact on customers and suppliers, they continue sending faxes as normal but the difference being when they arrive with you, they’re converted into electronic PDF documents and sent to a nominated email account.

Simple, efficient and cost effective technology

No more excess paper cluttering up your desk as multiple pages can be transmitted in an instant and paper jams are a thing of the past.  It will all be stored securely on your computer and you’ll never be left waiting for a fax signal again.

The cost of fax email services in many cases is much less than the cost of maintaining a phone line for your fax machine and lets not forget those costly extras of paper, ink and the electricity used each time your fax machine receives a communication.

The service is provided for a fixed monthly rate and there are no call charges.  It’s confidential, efficient and can be used on existing or ported numbers, including 01/02/03/ 0844 or 0871 numbers.  It also offers an online portal where you can manage all your fax numbers and email addresses, giving you the ability to archive received faxes in a secure environment as well as reduce costs associated with printing and storage.  The system makes it easier to share documents with colleagues too.

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