The business world is fast paced with workers needing to be in many places, sometimes at the same time.  And because business is becoming more mobile, this means it requires workers from sales reps to directors, to be out of the office more frequently during work hours.

While all the new technologies such as Skype and video conferencing do make it possible to still have those important meetings on days when you can’t leave the office, the fact of the matter remains, many people in business still prefer face to face meetings where possible.

So how do you have peace of mind that you’re are not missing anything vital whilst still making those important meetings?

Ian Hilton a director of Lancashire-based telecoms company Tech Advance, understands the difficulties that come with running your own business and the need to sometimes be both in and out of the office at the same time.  However,  Ian says there is a solution to this ever-growing problem and how new technologies are taking the pressure of business owners and making it more manageable to keep the smooth running of your business whilst still maintaining good customer service with clients.

“For some time now it has been possible to run an application on a PC as a telephone, like Skype for example. Now that mobile telephones run applications, it has become possible to run a telephone application on these devices giving an Internet or data connection supported telephone, as well as the traditional mobile network connection.”

“This means that when you have a 3G or better Internet connection on your device, you can make and receive calls from your mobile phone via this connection on a geographic number just like your desk phone.”

“The key applications here could be anyone who wants people to have a roaming telephone extension on site or off site, which can run on an existing mobile telephone or tablet. You can also easily program in VIP lists to allow only key callers to reach you, minimizing interruptions during critical meetings or outside of work hours.”

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