In mid-2010 the Payment Card Industry stipulated that if members do record calls they should make “best endeavours” to ensure that the three-digit CV2 number is not recorded. Is your call recording solution meeting the specific requirements of the PCI?

Our Call Recording solution, recordX includes a new feature that allows agents to tell the call recording system not to record the part of the call where the customer speaks the CV2 number. The agent can enter the ‘stop recording’ command during the call to pause recording and the ‘start recording’ command to resume. So for example the agent would stop the recording then ask; “Can I have the last three digits on the back of your card” before entering the resume command. The CV2 number is not recorded, while the rest of the call is recorded and easily available for playback using the recordX web interface. recordX has been tailored to meet these requirement, all our call recording products store calls using AES 256bit encryption.

During 2011 the FSA introduced new regulations that will require many financial organisations to record their mobile telephone calls. The recording of these calls allows organisations to manage disputes in a climate where more and more business calls are carried out over the mobile network.