Why use all of your cash to pay upfront for your telecoms equipment when you can spread the payments over the next 3 years at no extra cost?

Our new finance scheme allows you to pay for your telecoms solutions over the working life of the equipment with no interest charges. The cost savings and cash flow benefits can simplify technology provision issues and free-up capital for use elsewhere in your business. At the end of the three year contract period the equipment can be handed back without any further charge*, alternatively, you can arrange an upgrade to be added or continued use can be agreed. The choice is yours.

25% of the total cost of the solution is taken as an advance payment. The remaining balance is divided into twelve equal payments. The advance payment and the first finance rental will be collected together as an initial payment on the agreement.


Maximise the buying power of your budget. The cost of projects can sometimes be more than originally expected, and if your budget won’t stretch to what you need then this option will help you. You can pay an upfront payment of 25% of the solution cost and spread the remaining cost, with no interest charges over 3 years.

Easy budgeting. Payments are fixed during the term of the agreement, allowing you to budget with certainty.

Save working capital. Pay for only 25% of the project cost on day one, rather than 100% and pay for the remainder as the equipment is used instead of in advance. This will free-up working capital facilities that can be allocated to additional projects within your business.

Take advantage of Tax benefits. All payments made under this finance option can be 100% tax deductable**

Technology refresh options. During the course of the agreement if your equipment requirements change, the approach to technology refresh will allow you to benefit from the latest technology as and when your business needs it.

Do I have to pay anything upfront? Yes, a non-refundable advance payment, being a minimum of 25% of the total solution cost along with the first finance payment plus VAT is payable upon placement of the order.

When will I make payments? Your regular payments will be quarterly in advance and collected by Direct Debit.

What is the term of the agreement? The agreement term is 3 years.

What are my options if my needs change? If your technology requirements change you can work with your Avaya partner who can tailor a technology refresh solution specific to your business needs.

  • What are my options at the end of the agreement?
  • Return the equipment with nothing further to pay; or
  • Structure a technology refresh and take advantage of the latest technology available; or
  • Working with your Avaya Business Partner you may be able to obtain continued use of the equipment for a nominal fee.
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