When your customers are on hold, what do they hear?  Silence, beeps or the plinky-plonk of ice-cream van music?  Wouldn’t you rather keep their interest with useful marketing messages until you’re able to answer the call?

With on-hold telephone marketing you can add a professionally recorded message to your telephone system as either a replacement or as an addition to on-hold music.  In addition to creating a professional image for your organisation, you can turn the time customers spend on-hold into sales and marketing time – reminding them of your products or special offers to generate more sales.

3 simple steps to a successful on-hold marketing campaign

  1. Choose the right music – We can offer a selection of music from classical or easy listening to rock, and because it’s royalty-free music you don’t need a PRS or PPL licence
  2. Create your marketing message script – Simply write down the greeting and marketing messages you want your customers to hear
  3. Select a voiceover artist for the recording – You can choose from a range of actors so you can have the right voice for your script

Once you have your background music, script and chosen voiceover artist, we do the rest.  We’ll make sure it all comes together in a professional recording studio environment.  Recordings can be purchased on a one-off basis or we offer an ongoing service which includes two or more updates every year so you can record seasonal offers and promotions.

We can also provide ‘automated attendant’ and ‘out of hours’ messages using the same voiceover artist to ensure continuity.  As part of our service we’ll manage the design and upload process to your telephone system.

Please click to view our interactive online demo and hear the full range of options available.

So don’t just leave your customers hanging on the line.  On-hold telephone marketing is an affordable and effective way to tell them about your services. To find out more contact us today at enquiries@techadvance.co.uk or call us on 0800 50 533 50.

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