We are moving towards a future where offices and fixed work locations are likely to disappear.  People increasingly want to work from home; it addresses their need for work/life balance and helps them avoid the stressful daily commute.  Companies benefit too, it’s an easy solution to attracting the best staff regardless of where they’re located and, given it typically costs between £4k and £5k per year to provide a desk in an office, it’s an excellent way to significantly reduce costs.

But home-working is only effective if your people have access to the same technology they’d have in an office…

There is now a wealth of communication and collaborative tools available which make home-working not only effective but desirable.  And with a Home-worker Package from Tech Advance you can easily and quickly set up employees with all the telecoms equipment they need to do their job.  We can provide a secure telephone system connected back to the office system via the internet.  This means a home office phone can easily duplicate an office desk phone so your staff can make and receive telephone calls in exactly the same way they would in the office.

  • Easy to deploy & manage
  • Reduce office costs
  • Reduce staff travelling time & costs
  • Reduce company mobile telephone costs
  • Attract and retain the best people through flexible working options

With our systems you can be up and running in a matter of days.  We can even set up a telesales team or receptionists to work from home without any impact on customer service levels.

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